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Pride Parade

Mumbai Queer Pride March 2024

Saturday, 03 Feb 2024, 3 PM, August Kranti Maidan, Mumbai


Guidelines for Mumbai Queer Pride March 2024

Mumbai Queer Pride March is a celebration of diverse identities on the LGBTQIA+ (Queer)
spectrum, a safe and inclusive space to raise awareness on issues related to LGBTQIA+
individuals, and a demand for their social, economical and political inclusion, based on the
Rights granted by the Indian Constitution.

This Pride March has been organized by the ‘Mumbai Queer Pride’ collective, voluntarily
formed by individuals, groups, CBOs, NGOs, and formal and informal collectives of
individuals from and around Mumbai, who identify themselves with the Queer Cause and
wish to actively work for furthering Queer Rights in India.

Since various allies, Corporate and other Business Entities, NGOs, other social organizations,
collectives, groups of individuals, Diplomatic Missions etc. wish to participate in the Pride
March to show their support, we have devised the following guidelines:

1. Any person, group, formal or informal, registered or non-registered collectives,
entities, etc. are welcome to participate in the Mumbai Queer Pride March 2024, to
express their support to our cause.

2. They may follow our official Press Release for understanding our cause and refer to
our website to access our Policies. They may reach out
to our official spokespersons in case of queries.

3. They may wear clothing (T-shirts, Headgears, or other Drapes) and accessories
bearing their own Logos, creatives, etc., expressing support for our cause. Corporate
entities, ERGs, organizations, individuals, etc. should not use the Official Logo of
Mumbai queer pride on any of their materials and content. (The Official Logo of
Mumbai Queer Pride has been affixed at the top right corner of this document.)

4. Business entities that are not a part of the Mumbai queer Pride collective, need to
ensure that the space of Mumbai Queer Pride and/or Mumbai Queer Pride March shall
not be used for promoting their entity, business, products, services, etc. Kindly refrain
from propagating any message or distributing any material of promotional nature.

5. People may display and say messages (Banners, Placards, Slogans, Songs, etc.)
conveying their support to our cause.

6. Any person or group of persons, who have not been a part of the Mumbai Queer Pride
collective shall not be allowed to use the Official Logo of Mumbai Queer Pride in any
of their content.

7. They need to abide by all the Laws and Rules & Regulations and the Mumbai Queer
Pride 2024 Policies as published on our website.

8. Groups like ‘Doctors Supporting Mumbai Queer Pride’ or ‘Lawyers Supporting
Mumbai Queer Pride’ can wear their professional drapes and march with us with their
respective messages.

9. Persons, groups or entities working on Intersectional issues need to ensure that their
messages are aligned to our cause as mentioned in our official Press Release.

10. Social groups and organizations need to ensure that their messages and displays are
completely aligned to the causes mentioned in our official Press Release.

11. We are committed to make this Pride March a safe and inclusive space for all the
participants and your contribution to this end shall be highly appreciated.

12. Volunteers from the Mumbai Queer Pride collective will ensure that the following
guidelines are adhered to ensure safe and inclusive Mumbai Queer Pride March 2024.


Do’s & Don’ts


● Embrace a Peaceful Atmosphere: Create an environment of respect and celebration for
all participants.
● Promote Unity: Encourage solidarity and inclusivity among all individuals, irrespective
of differences.
● Respect Local Laws: Uphold local regulations and laws to ensure a safe and lawful event.
● Spread Love, Not Hate: Focus on positive messages that celebrate the LGBTQ+
community and its allies.
● Creativity in Attire: Express yourself with pride while ensuring clothing is respectful and
not violating the laws of public decency.

● Celebrate Diversity: Embrace all forms of identity and expression without
● Prioritize Safety: Ensure the safety of all participants by refraining from carrying any
● Support Each Other: Stand in solidarity with fellow participants and avoid exclusive or
discriminatory behavior.
● Peaceful Expressions: Refrain from engaging in anti-political, anti-religious or
anti-communal discussions or arguments. Please respect the right to dissent and freedom
of expression of different identities that walk the pride.
● Respect public symbols: Any flags, books, literature, material, photographs, images,
posters, etc. representing social or political entities, or National, Religious or Social
movements such as Pride flags, National flags, Sacred Books, literature of national
importance, etc. should be respected. Any Flag Code should not be violated at any given
time in our event.


● No Smoking or Alcohol During the Walk: To create a safe and healthy environment,
refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol during the event.if found intoxicated or under
influence of any substance, the person will be asked to leave the event immediately.
● No derogatory or disrespectful Political/Religious Slogans: We understand our
identities are political, express yourself without being disrespectful to any religion or
political identities. Focus on positive messages in a questioning and creative/witty manner
to avoid conflict and endangering Pride and Pride attendees.
● No Exclusive or Discriminatory Behavior: Foster an inclusive environment by
refraining from any discriminatory actions or speech against anyone at the event.
● No Weapons: For everyone's safety, weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited. Or any
kind of display of models of the weapons.

● Compliance with Laws: Participants are expected to comply with local laws and
regulations throughout the event.
● No Vehicles, livestock, Pet Animals, Beast of burden: Individuals/organizations are
requested to not bring any vehicles such as floats, cars, bikes, bicycles or Pet animals or
other animals (No cattles, No beast of burdens) in the Mumbai Queer Pride March.
● Non-Compliance: Individuals not adhering to these guidelines may be respectfully asked
to leave the event to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for all.

Wish you all a Happy Pride!

Mumbai Queer Pride March 2024,
Saturday 03rd Feb, 3.00 PM,
August Kranti Maidan, Mumbai.

Published: Mumbai Queer Pride.
Sunday, 15 January, 2024, Mumbai.

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